Nathan Adaniya, Class of 2022 has Potential of Becoming a Professional Athlete

Nathan Adaniya, jersey number 7

Nathan Adaniya, a current junior at Silver Creek has been playing volleyball for all of high school, and his skills on the court could lead to a possible career in professional volleyball.

Nathan has been playing volleyball for about 3.5 years. It was his first sport that he played and he decided to stick with it as it brought him joy. Nathan said “My coaches as well as my teammates provide great motivation for me to continue playing volleyball.” Originally, Silver Creek was close to not having a boy’s volleyball team at all. After a small school tournament of boy’s volleyball occurred at Silver Creek, a potential coach, was interested in managing a team. The coach was impressed by Nathan’s skill which peaked his interest and saved the boy’s volleyball team.

“One of my best achievements would be getting gold at a tournament in Chicago, and getting first place in a tournament prior to club nationals,” Nathan said. After interviewing him, he mainly looks up to his coach. He is possibly thinking about taking volleyball professionally, although he isn’t sure if he will have the opportunity to. He said, “If I were to go to a college to play volleyball for, it would be the University of Hawaii!” As of right now, he plays for a volleyball club outside of school.

Nathan finds it quite challenging to balance his school life, social life, and sports life. Nathan says that, “I manage to find a way by finding a balance and sticking to a schedule. In my free time I like to play some video games to unwind and relax. I also enjoy hanging out with some school friends and going on adventures to relieve stress.”  This year he is taking Photography, Marine Biology, French, AP Lang, and Math Analysis which are some pretty challenging classes. Even though his year is stuffed with work, he manages to balance everything.

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