This HOSC will not do Vicky Justice

If  you are a part of class of 2021 or affiliated to anything K-pop related at our school, the chances of already knowing or hearing about Vicky Vo are extremely high. Afterall, Vicky is one of Silver Creek’s K-pop club’s most prominent members and has done a multitude of passionate dance performances at Silver Creek.

Always interested in things, Vicky is the type of person to be really driven by discovering new things and constantly bettering herself as a person. Besides dancing, she also has plenty of hobbies that she tries to improve in. Which includes, reading, writing, drawing, and of course, playing video games. At the moment, Vicky mainly dabbles in first-person shooters, like Apex Legends and Valorant whenever she has the time. 

“I love picking up new hobbies that are extensions of things I already am interested in, and connecting new activities together”

Academically, Vicky looks up to Calvin Warren and Angela Davis. Furthermore she is inspired by former member of the Wonder Girls, Sunmi, who is currently working as a solo artist. This is because she began in the industry at the young age of 14 in 2007, and, who has stayed resilient despite much public criticism and body shaming.

When asked what advice would you give your younger self, Vicky responded with “to let myself make mistakes.” When she was younger, she would get stressed over the tiniest details. Afraid that people would dislike or be disappointed in her. Vicky held herself to an impossible standard, and that led to herself being constantly hurt. She said that if she had a better mentality for failure back then “I would be able to do what I can now and take failure as a painful step for growth that is necessary.”

Photo Courtesy of Vicky Vo

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