Insight on a Captain’s Life

Adora once said, “If you have beef with someone, just eat it together like a dinner date.”

Adora, pictured left, smiles brightly for a photo. 

Adora Vu, a captain of the badminton team and 17 year old senior, has worked hard for the past 4 years on training to become the best player she can be. She inspires many from the team and continuously works her hardest to keep the team motivated. While always reminding the team that they win and lose together, she works hard to improve her own skills. She says, “play every opportunity to get to, even if you think you’ll lose, it’s always good practice.” 

Adora took one of the biggest steps in her life when she realized her enjoyment for badminton. “As a Captain you don’t only have to encourage everyone to keep moving forward especially during the toughest times, but also to make sure the team’s mentality stays strong,” Adora said. This passion has helped her grow as a person: learning the importance of bonding with a team, adapting with working with new types of people, dealing with times of disappointment, and the joys of succeeding with a team. 

During quarantine, Adora stays connected to her friends through Zoom and Discord. She continues to talk to the teammates by having pep talks, watching movies, etc… Adora always works hard on her hobbies and always tries to find the best way to connect with people. Beyond connecting with friends and playing badminton, she’s not only an athlete, but also an artist. 

Adora always is able to inspire people with her words of encouragement. She inspires the badminton team to work to their fullest potential while always keeping a smile on the court. One thing Adora has learned through this whole pandemic is the importance of being a part of the Team, and being able to communicate with one another. She has learned to share the best laughs of her high school year, and the comfort of winning and losing with a team

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