Highest Rated Netflix Original, “Bridgerton,” Rises to the Top

A recently released Netflix original has gained quite the popularity and left many in awe as it is filled with scandals and secrets. 

The synopsis of the show follows a young girl named Daphne Bridgerton who is putting herself out there into the competitive marriage market. She is named the “diamond of the season” by Queen Charlotte herself,  due to her remarkable beauty. Queen Charlotte is known as a woman with high expectations, and hard to please. The Bridgertons are a well known and powerful family. Many suitors are attempting to charm her to gain her hand in marriage, but her brother is awfully strict, which scares away many suitors and makes it difficult for her to find a husband. There is an anonymous gossip writer in the town who talks about all the drama, which created controversy and slandered their names. To rescue her family name from being dragged down, she courts the Duke, who is infamously known for vowing to never marry. Although they have everyone shocked and in awe, what they don’t know is that this is all just part of the plan.

The star of the show is Daphne Bridgerton, She doesn’t know much about the world so she is quite innocent. The main male character is the Duke, Simon, who has a hurtful past that made him vow to never get married and have children. The Bridgerton family consists of many siblings, Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Each sibling experiences their own stories and dreams. Unfortunately, there are far too many characters to be introduced!

If you’re someone who loves watching drama filled romance shows, then Bridgerton is the show for you. It’ll make you want to keep on watching episode after episode, and once you finish it, you’re only going to want more. The storyline itself is great but also the fashion during this era was beautiful and only makes the audience want to experience it. One of our own Silver Creek staff members, Mrs. Cargill, gave their personal review on the show! “Totally loved  the social aspects of the show as well as all of the glitz and glamour. The show represented an extreme amount of growth in all of the female characters and the cast was beautifully chosen and fit well! Bridgerton was by far one of my favorite shows that they managed to finish the whole season the day it released!”

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