Time to Get Vaccinated–The COVID-19 Vaccine

Photo taken by Ariana Drehsler via Getty Images

The COVID-19 vaccine has made an enormous impact. From parents to students, it has brought light toward normalcy. Recently, the CDC announced anyone over 16 years of age is eligible for the vaccine. As the vaccine is slowly approved for smaller groups, millions of Americans have been getting vaccinated day by day. With the convenience of it, thousands of schools have opened in the United States for in-person learning. Although the vaccine is a direction to normalcy, it is only a small step to conquering COVID-19.

Lockdown has made a major shift onto students everywhere in the world. While doing school at home can be fun, it has also made an extreme mental health impact on students.

“With having to stay home all the time, it’s also made it harder for me to socialize with others due to an increase in anxiety” said Krystal Corpuz, class of ‘21. Krystal has recently received the vaccine, which gave her a sense of relief and more hope to see her relatives who live in Hawaii. She also realized how much the vaccine has helped to educate herself on combating COVID-19.

It’s factual to say that all of the homebodies embrace lockdown, but it’s pushed them to do more. Nhi Huynh, class of ‘21 received full doses of the vaccine and claims to be more of an introvert and didn’t mind staying home. However, it wasn’t until the lockdown kept prolonging that she changed her mind. “The pandemic fatigue is kind of getting to me now that it’s May. I want to go out and go to museums and coffee shops. I want to just hang out with my friends when it’s safe!” Nhi said. Ever since she’s received the vaccine she hopes to do more things than before the pandemic hit.

The CDC recommends everyone eligible to get the vaccine. Although there are worries about the new strains of COVID-19, they still encourage people to get vaccinated for the time being. 39% of the U.S. population has gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, while 24.8% have received both doses. With over half of Americans vaccinated, my question to you is will you get vaccinated?

Check out the website below for more information on the COVID-19 vaccines.

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