A Journey Through Mr. Camacho’s Life

Mr. Camacho is currently a student teacher at Silver Creek. Photo courtesy of Alberto Camacho.

Mr. Alberto Camacho is a student teacher by day and a community hero by night. 

“I have lived in the same Section 8 home for almost 22 years here on the East Side of San José,” said Mr. Camacho, who had graduated from James Lick and is now a student teacher at Silver Creek. As a Raider, he’s currently completing his phase one of student teaching for the CalTPA, a state-mandated assessment for the Multiple and Single Subject Credential Program.

Mr. Camacho’s home life had many ups and downs, but it never stopped him from taking every opportunity that was presented. 

“My home life, like most graduate students, is pretty busy and pretty broke. I’m always trying to hustle for a dollar, so if I am not working on the clock, I’m working off the clock either on somebody’s car or cleaning carpets,” Camacho said. 

Growing up, in order for Mr. Camacho to attend the school that was most convenient for his parents’ job, he had to borrow his sister’s address to go to Mountain View. After completing grades K-8, Mr. Camacho was removed from Los Altos High School for behavioral reasons. 

“I got kicked out of Los Altos High School for being a ‘travieso’ and ended up at James Lick that was 2 minutes away from home,” says Camacho.

While attending James Lick High School, Mr. Camacho noticed distinct differences in the quality of education. He wanted to shine a light on how many students are being let down by a broken system. After graduating from James Lick, he couldn’t witness the injustice of the school system anymore. He decided to pursue a career in teaching as it was a way for him to provide equal education for all students. 

“I yearned to give back to the community that gave me everything and made me who I am and what better way than to be an educator and an advocate for the kids of the East Side,” Camacho said. 

Aside from fighting for justice for underprivileged kids, Mr. Camacho enjoys playing soccer, reading books, going on hikes, and playing Pokemon. All Mr. Camacho wants to accomplish is giving back and paying forward, especially to his community here on the East Side.

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