How Photography Became an Integral Part of Donna Wong’s Life

Photo Courtesy of Donna Wong

What started as an interest in digital media eventually morphed into a passion for photography for Donna Wong. Whether it be her trailers for drama productions or her yearbook co-editor in chief position, Donna has definitely left her mark at Silver Creek. 

Donna has been a vice president for Green Society Club ever since her sophomore year, but started off as a historian, creating flyers for events and fundraisers and capturing photos of club events to advertise to people interested in the club. Donna is also the historian of Chinese Student Association (CSA) and contributed to the formation of the club. Her main inspiration for being an officer of CSA stems from the fact that she is of Chinese descent and how it is “really difficult to find people who are a part of the Chinese community at Silver Creek or in San Jose.” CSA was essentially a way for Donna to branch out and meet new people within the Chinese community.

Donna’s initial interest in filmmaking and photography started in seventh grade when she took a digital media class, and it sparked again in freshman year when she started taking photos on her iPhone and began making YouTube videos with her friend. In her sophomore year, Donna was given the opportunity to create a video trailer for drama’s production of The Addams Family and again in her junior year for the Little Shop of Horrors

Aside from her creative outlet with trailers for the drama club, she decided to take a risk and sign up to take Yearbook this year. Donna began the first semester as a regular staff member, but as the semester progressed, Ms. King, the yearbook teacher, saw just how committed Donna was and asked her to become a co-editor in chief.

When asked about her future plans for her passion in photography, she revealed that she had wanted to start making money out of her photography career. Donna disclosed that her friends were always “complimenting [her] on [her] skills when doing spontaneous photo shoots for them.” However, COVID-19 put a halt on her plans because she didn’t want to put anyone in risk of getting sick. 

While on the topic of COVID-19, she divulged in the ways that she’s kept herself sane during quarantine: arts and crafts, journaling, and playing her flute. Especially in these trying times, Donna has kept a positive outlook on the future. She said, “I feel like during that time, you can reflect on yourself and learn how to take care of yourself and see what you really want for yourself and for the future.”

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