Hobbies in Quarantine

During quarantine, it has been hard for many people to pick up hobbies indoors. But there are various things everyone can enjoy at home that are completely safe. Art, gaming, working out, etc can be desirable for everybody.

Art is a great form of entertainment when you are bored at home. Art can include many things like crafts, painting, drawing, coloring, and more. There are things that you can craft with household items so you don’t spend loads of money at the craft store. Art can be a way to express yourself and your emotions as well. Everyone can craft with even home decor, jewelry and so much more .If art is something that is enjoyable to you, painting can be a nice distraction and possibly an addition to your house. Paintings can be amazing decor for your room and maybe above your couch. If you are a beginner, YouTube videos can help you start.

Courtesy of CNN

Gaming is also a great form of entertainment. Gamers’ on YouTube  can  inspire you to get better at gaming whether that be on your phone or a gaming console. Gaming can be a good alternative to just doing nothing at home, you can have fun with friends. Some games that are widely popular now that you can play on your phone are Among Us, Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, Call Of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, etc. The games listed are free in the app store and easy access for people that don’t have a gaming console. 

A freshman at Silver Creek High school implied that gaming is something that she looks forward to after school that brings her joy. Another hobby that you can add to your routine is exercise. It is not only fun but it is also beneficial to your health. Working out can help motivate and sometimes even put people in a better mood.

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