Alexis Wright’s History

Alexis Wright, class of ’21
Photo Courtesy: Alexis Wright

When one first meets Alexis, they immediately understand that this is someone unforgettable. So who is she exactly? Alexis Wright is a current senior at Silver Creek High School. Originally born in Monterey, Alexis moved to San Jose as a toddler. She lives in a tight-knit family and considers her father one of her biggest inspirations.

Alexis’s presence in the Silver Creek community is humongous, especially when you consider her role as ASB Chief Justice. Alexis’s job as ASB Chief Justice is to look over the club charters in Silver Creek and to maintain communication. “As someone who is deeply involved in a club myself, I can appreciate the hard work of the officers in communication with me,” she said. Although there have been many challenges of doing this job remotely at home, Alexis notes that she is “overall happy to be doing something that [she] believe[s] in and can appreciate.”

Alexis is most involved in Interact, a club she’s been part of since freshman year. “Anthony Dang (class of 2018) inspired me to get involved in Interact… and I haven’t looked back since,” she says. This year, she is co-president with William Chau. “It’s been challenging navigating community service in an online environment, but I’m so extremely proud of our wonderful officer board and what we’ve been able to accomplish this year.”

Interact has been incredibly rewarding to Alexis. “I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people through Interact, all with the shared belief in the club’s motto—’Service Above Self.’ The club has taught me so much, not only about the value of serving others, but also so many essential skills like communication and teamwork… even how to use spreadsheet formulas,” she says.

Alexis is just as interesting outside of school. Some of her hobbies include embroidery, getting food, and listening to music. To listen to her current favorites, here’s a playlist curated by Alexis herself.

Alexis’ Current Favorites

A subject Alexis deeply enjoys is history. Mr. Chan’s AP World History class was where Alexis discovered her love for history. “I love learning about the past because it so often is mirrored by or connected to the present. It’s so much like a story in a book, but the effects are tangible,” she said. She plans on majoring in history after high school.

Most of all, Alexis loves reading. “I’ve loved reading since I was a kid. As in… strange obsession with greek mythology from Percy Jackson… writing (objectively bad) prophecies level,” she said. Alexis endearingly thinks of books as “little portable teleportation devices” that can take her anywhere she wishes. She loves that a book can make her empathize with someone or even question her own morals and beliefs. Her favorite book is “The Invisible Life of Addie Larue,” a story about an immortal girl whose only problem is that anytime she meets anyone they will forget her if they look away. 

Interestingly, Alexis believes she doesn’t have a “definite passion.” “I pride myself on being very academically oriented and I’m proud that I’ve been able to do well in school, but overall, there’s a lot I’ve missed out on because of my own fear. Like any kid who was ‘smart’ in elementary school, I find it easy to give up when I’m not automatically a genius at something. Which, I guess, can be cool for consistency, but it’s absolutely horrible for growth. And growth is how you discover a passion and then develop it within yourself,” she said. Alexis hopes that in college, she’ll be able to explore her interests more and find something that truly inspires her, whether it be history or something else. 

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