High School Seniors of 2021 During COVID-19

For the class of 2021, this may be the last year to make memories in highschool for its seniors. 

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With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise, it has greatly impacted many individuals including children and young adults. Instead of attending school with peers, every student now will get their education through a monitor. Zoom, a video chat platform for students and teachers, has replaced in person school for many students. With the continuous need to be in lockdown to help prevent further spread of the virus, it might push graduation for high school students of class 2021 onto a virtual platform. 

Why these events should be important to many people is because it marks a turning point for children going into the adult world. During senior year of high school, many essential activities take place. Students may be on the hunt for part time jobs while some might be visiting college campuses. As for those who plan on focusing on their studies, taking more tutoring classes to retake their Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a goal as well. 

A prime example of what could go on in the world of senior students can be seen at Silver Creek High School. It has events such as the unofficial senior ditch day, pep rallies for their seniors, prom, homecoming, and graduation. They will also get to experience their last school hosted shows, such as Fantastics and Non-fire. These are all events run by students performed for the students and community to raise money for it’s school.

When asked how she felt during this predicament, Kayla Pasamonte, a senior of Silver Creek High School, replied with, “Online school has its ups and downs. I enjoy working in my own home while receiving the same amount of help from teachers. Sadly, the amount of interactions I am able to get during in-person school is lacking, but it’s simply out of our control.”

Schools are still shut down and Zoom has become a part of many student’s everyday schedules. There are ways to still make the best of 12th grade for seniors, whether that means facetime friends more often or sending gifts via mail while we all are still doing our part to stay safe during a pandemic. 

Handling online school can be hectic, which is why it may be helpful to find more information on juggling it. Visit https://www.connectionsacademy.com/support/resources/article/8-top-tips-for-student-success-in-online-school for more help. Regarding other issues, such as mental health, during these times, please visit: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/154543

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