A Conversation With Daniela Flores

Daniela Flores pictured on a trip to NYC

Daniela Flores, a rising graduate of 2022, speaks on her future goals and becoming in touch with her roots.

Along with reading and listening to Disney Music, Daniela’s hobbies are soccer and dance such as Folklorico, track, and much more. Daniela is very involved with her school when it comes to school work, which is a load on itself with clubs, events, and sports. Daniela values any type of social time with friends and family since she is a busy person. Being a very invested student in school comes with many friend groups. With that being said, not many people know that Daniela is very independent.

Daniela is grateful for her family and she states, ”I’ve led a fortunate life. I have a good family, who has provided for education, and a good childhood.” Yet she does struggle to socially deal with cultural identity. At times Daniela does not feel she fits in or is in tune with her culture. Nonetheless, Daniela is doing something about it. For a start, she is not just in Folklorico dance, but she is the secretary of the Folklorico dance club. 

Daniela’s inspirations are most definitely her parents. Daniela described both of her parents as very hardworking. She described her mom as selfless, and her dad as always looking out for people’s best interests. Daniela also looks up Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district since 2019. Daniela admires AOC for being a young woman standing up for other humans.

After high school, Daniela’s goals are to get into a good college, while staying in California. She is looking into many private and UC schools since she has a high GPA. Daniela’s time here at Silver Creek is slowly but surely coming to an end. For advice for underclassmen, Flores said, “Strive for any goals you have and don’t compare yourself to others because the pressure can be unhealthy mentally, just focus on you and your social life.”

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