How To Help Your Friends Who Struggle With Mental Illnesses

Even though most people don’t like to bring up their personal struggles, specifically mentally, it’s still really important to help those you can. Now before I proceed I want to give a general trigger warning to you as the reader.

Alright, if your friend or yourself is struggling with depression or anxiety, you aren’t going to feel like this forever. I know how hard it is to have any motivation to do anything, the simplest things even, and remember the smallest amount of effort is good and something to be proud of. What a lot of people struggle with is keep up with taking care of themselves, their room, and school work. If you brush your teeth, get out of bed or shower, express how happy you are for them or yourself! It seems silly but honestly, it can change their mood in such a positive way and encourage them to continue to do those things and start getting back on track. Anxiety tends to relate with eating, ordering food or being in a large group. Ask them or yourself, what are 3 things you can see, hear, smell and feel, to help ground yourself. Some things might not help all and that’s okay. You aren’t alone.

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