A Brief Moment With Mr. Quezada

Here is the scoop of how Social Sciences teacher, Mr. Quezada, came to the fulfillment of teaching at Silver Creek.

It has been quite the turn of events this school year, as we enter distance learning during this extreme pandemic of COVID-19. With classes being taught through Zoom, it’s been a challenge for all students and teachers. Although under these circumstances, teachers still find a way to make distance learning comfortable and even the new teachers. Let’s welcome Mr. Ricardo Quezada to Silver Creek as our new Social Sciences teacher!

Mr. Quezada has been teaching US History, Economics and American Government for seven years. After high school, Mr. Quezada graduated from UC Santa Barbara, then landed a huge fellowship that led to him receiving his master’s in teaching. However, it wasn’t until after his undergraduate years that he decided to become a teacher, “I didn’t decide on my career until the end of my undergraduate years at UC Santa Barbara. I have always enjoyed working with youth and learning from them.”

Growing up in Anaheim, California, Mr. Quezada was pushed to become a teacher as his parents were not given the opportunity to go far in school. He realized that not many teachers are part of the Latinx community, which is where he comes from, “It’s especially important for me to serve as a visible role model to Latinx students and other students of color. I grew up not seeing many teachers that looked like me.”

COVID-19 has been impacting millions of people this year. With the new norm of wearing masks, staying six-feet apart from others at all times, we’re unable to start this school year in classrooms, “Virtual teaching has been challenging. However, all things considered, I have really enjoyed building strong relationships with my students and talking about social justice issues.” Although these times are unfortunate, Mr. Quezada enters this school year with gratitude and bright optimism for his first time teaching at Silver Creek.

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