What Happens If You Spend Too Much Time On Screen And Social Media?

Do you feel lonely, depressed, or often want to isolate yourself from the world? Here’s what’s making you act this way.

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Our entire world is dependent on technology whether it’s from waking up in the morning or to end a shift at work. We need technology! We are encompassing this resource that we created for our benefit every day. But this resource can end up being our own enemy because it’ll make us unhealthy.  

Screen time is one of the things that scientists have been researching on for a while but found difficulty finding an exact answer to conclude whether screen time is good or bad for us. As our technologies advanced and took various forms and shapes, the side effects of it on humans progressed within it. According to Business insider, “An estimated 58% of people who work on computers experience what’s called Computer Vision Syndrome.” And if we look at the long-term effects of Computer Vision Syndrome it could damage our vision permanently. 

Moreover, spending too much time on social media can lead to negative effects on your mental health.

Why should you care?

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You should care about the harms of excessive screen time if you care about your health, family, academics, and success. You should care about this if you care about anything in this world because it’s no less important than you to see where your friends have been during quarantine and what they are doing. Social media often shows images that are far from reality, and this may lead to viewers comparing and degrading their life experiences. According to Help Guide, “Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts. Social media may promote negative experiences such as Inadequacy about your life or appearance.” 

Studies have shown that if you spend more than 7 hours a day on your phone you can lose your ability to learn things from a particular standpoint. Not only this, but excessive use of screen time can lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes, and sleep problems, according to Science News for Students. Especially for teenagers, feelings of depression and loneliness can be common because of this excessive use of phones and time spent on social media. 

Steps You Can Take to Lessen Screen Time

According to O’Loughlin, an exercise psychologist in an interview with Business Insider, “People tend to think they spend less time sitting and more time exercising. The first step to getting healthier is becoming aware of how active — or inactive — you are.” Activity trackers can help which can collect data to track trends that people want. 

Photo by Ola Dapo on Pexels.com

Think twice before checking your phone. Start by finding the reason you are picking up your phone for. Is it because someone texted you or is it because your hands are used to checking it so often? 

Furthermore, try to put a limit to the screen time on your phone while you do your homework because you might end up taking an hour break when you meant to take a 10-minute break on your phone. 

Finally, try to tell your friends to call you instead of text. This will help to not waste your time and focus on your studies more which will increase your academic performance. Texting normally acquires more energy and time because there is a physiological activation involved in texting which erodes your sleep resulting you to feel emotionally depleted. 

These simple steps will make your life easier and healthier.

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