A Moment With Mr. Quan

This is Mr. Quan, a teacher at Silver Creek high school who teaches math 1 and math 2.

Mr. Quan is a hard-working math teacher who has transferred from 3 different schools and here is a little bit about him.

During high school, he overstressed a lot about many things but still did well in his classes. Then later on graduated with a 3.6 GPA which was the top 100 in his class at Evergreen in 2008.  After high school, he attended De Anza college, transferred to UCLA, and transferred again to National University. But before getting a master’s degree, he left digital marketing and was uncertain of what he wanted to do.

It was either working for a different agency or pursuing a master’s degree, since pursuing a master’s degree is too much money. However, a friend ended up giving him a suggestion to become a substitute teacher since substitute teachers were in need. At the beginning of becoming a substitute teacher, he was extremely scared because he didn’t like speaking in front of people but he didn’t let that get the best of him. After a while of working as a substitute teacher, he enrolled in a teaching credentialing program and after three years got the teaching credential to become a teacher.

Originally, he wanted to teach English, however, there wasn’t a demand. So he decided to pursue math instead since there was more of a demand there. One of his favorite things about teaching is when students make connections with the lesson and find things easy. Also, another thing he finds fascinating is when students have discussions in the classroom talking about their goals.

During this pandemic, many things have changed for him, especially because at the beginning, it was tough. Initially during the shelter in place since he had a routine he would follow every day. Then it was disrupted. This experience did open his eyes to reflect on a lot of his past experiences. One of his regrets is not pursuing investment banking when he was younger. The idea seemed intimidating, he spent a lot of time overthinking too many things when he was younger. Even though he would be retired now, if he went that route, to pursue investment banking it would’ve been very overwhelming with the hours and pressure. Although he has come a long way and has regrets he is now an amazing math teacher. 

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