20 Minutes With Madison Doan

Madison Doan

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

This quote by Winston Churchill is one Madison lives by. Throughout her years at Silver Creek, the one thing she’s come to really appreciate about learning is that even though you may experience failures, you must always overcome them. 

This was especially evident when she first began her tutoring program for younger students at John J. Montgomery Elementary School, which was modeled after the Dove Hill tutoring program. “I kind of failed to bring in enough tutors,” but as soon as she realized this flaw, she “kept on encouraging the people who really liked the program to come.” In turn, she created “a much more efficient signup system and was in much better contact with both the teachers and principal of the school.” Not only was this a lesson in perseverance, but also a lesson in communication, leadership, and organization.

When asked about her experience at Silver Creek, she said that “[she] was never really super involved in classes, like [she] never did Fantastics or Nonfire,” but she benefited from “learning different leadership styles, which helped [her] develop [her] own leadership skills,” especially from UNICEF. UNICEF, or the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Funds, is a humanitarian organization that focuses on providing aid for children in need. 

Madison has been a treasurer for UNICEF since her sophomore year and has become a UNICEF area coordination. With this position, she got to raise a lot of money for the Australian bushfires and is currently in contact with a woman in Yemen, who is dealing with the Yemen crisis right now.

Amongst her extensive resume of extracurricular activities and awards, she spends most of her time earning volunteer hours at Regional Medical Center. At that hospital, she got to shadow a bunch of doctors and nurses and observe different specialties, which allowed her to “reassure [herself] in terms of [her] decision to go into the medical field.” 

In her free time, Madison loves to bake, especially as a way to relieve stress, and dabbles in photography. Madison is currently a senior and hopes to pursue a biochemistry major after graduating from Silver Creek.

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