Had A Hard Day Today?

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This is SCPS – SILVER CREEK PODCASTING STATION. I’m Tiffany Tran, and let me paint you a little picture. 

It’s a Monday, you woke up late for school, your car wouldn’t start, you took a test you forgot about. You come home and think that the day is finally over, but your mom starts nagging you about your grades and homework. You become stressed out, and it’s totally reflected in your behavior. 

And there’s this vicious thought that comes to mind: “This sucks.” 

That little thought could affect your entire mindset for the rest of your week. It makes you feel even more lethargic and your body is just so weighed down by those giant words looming over your head. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly why you can never get anything done on bad days. 

But you’re not alone! 

I’ve compiled a few different ways from a couple of students on how they take care of themselves when they have horrible days as well. Here’s one: 

Working out! Half of these students said they work out on top of doing other things, like listening to music or playing video games. And it’s really true that working out can really brighten your mood. It makes you more active, it gets your blood flowing, and all that stress from the day goes with the sweat. So next time you’re angry or feeling down, go on a run, turn on some Chloe Ting videos, or anything to get your body moving. You can thank these students later. 

So what if you just want to relax or treat yourself to something more calming than working out? The answer is always going to be music. Of course, everyone is subject to their own preferences. Some people like R&B, K-R&B, some like classical, piano, pop, hard metal, screamo, lo-fi, you name it. Point is, listening to music is this unwritten form of therapy that almost everyone turns to. Because, you know, it works like magic. You have to explore to find out what song you’re in the mood for or the genre that would ease your mind the most. But once you do find it, whip out a pair of earphones or even speakers, close your doors, lie down and close your eyes. You’ll find yourself entering your paradise. If you’re not a music person, YouTube has a recommendation page full of intriguing videos for you to explore. Personally, I suggest 90 Day Fiance. 

Now, let’s say you enjoy peace and silence. You don’t like to indulge in music or videos. Take out a book! This literally could be anything. You can read about a couple in New York going to Singapore for Spring break and meeting obsessive parents. You can read the Grim Brothers’ entire collection of fairy tales. You can read about World War 2. Books take you to a different world you probably didn’t know about and you might literally escape reality for an hour or two. 

Not a bookworm? Not a problem! Art in any way, shape, or form is also therapeutic and relaxing. You can pull out some paint, colored pencils, pens, paper mache, what have you, and create some art. Bad art, good art, just make art. Or you can just look at it! Find old artwork on the internet and try to depict their meanings. Try to make out every detail. If you’re a fan of k-pop, pull out your albums! Play your flute, your piano, violin, the triangle. Anything is art if you want it to be. 

There are some people out there who thrive on productivity and force themselves to work even if they’re incredibly stressed out or they had a terrible day. But what we all need to realize that taking breaks is super important for you. Go get yourself a cup of coffee or eat something in between your work hours, or even take a nap. It helps you re-energize, breathe, clear your head, and most importantly, not overwhelm you. Too much work at a time is damaging to your health and you’ll just feel even worse. Take a break once in a while and please drink some water. 

And lastly, if you’re going through it right now, remember that letting it out is the best way to clear your mind. It’s perfectly okay to cry, scream, vent, or just, you know, talk to yourself. As long as you don’t let your emotions build up. Pick yourself up once you’re done and remember to go easy on yourself. Stress is only temporary and it’s okay to feel bad about it at that moment. Stay strong, stay positive, and hang in there. It gets better. 

This was your host Tiffany from Silver Creek Podcasting Station. Thank you for tuning in and see you next time!

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