Should Self-Care Be Further Discussed in School?

Self-care is a significant part of mental health that can benefit students and teachers. The school takes up the majority of our day and sometimes we are left with an overpowering amount of work to do. Schoolwork can severely affect students’ mental health, which is why schools should start recognizing why self-care is crucial.

Students find it difficult to have time to relax along with the overwhelming amount of schoolwork. With all the work that students get from school it can be hard for them to do everyday routines; Which is why you need to take care of yourself every once in a while. If you feel that school has been hard for you, take a break. Pace yourself on assignments so you have time to do other things.

According to Npr news, it stated that, “Almost 40 percent of parents say their high-schooler is experiencing a lot of stress from school, according to a new NPR poll conducted with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health. In most cases, that stress is from academics, ..” One reason behind this is school can make a big influence on how students view school. School should feel like a place to learn but also not as stressful. 

Teachers are preparing the work and grading which takes time out of their day. Similar to students, teachers deal with pressure as well such as having to assign assignments and then grade a ton of work afterward from different periods. Practicing self-care is important for distressing. Activities you can do to calm yourself down are meditation, a nice bath, some food, talking to friends, reading, and playing video games if that helps you. Do anything that calms you down and makes you happy.

All things considered, schools should consider at least two weeks off every three or two months so students and teachers can recharge their brains and relax. The main point that schools should discuss more is how much stress their students are feeling daily and how weeks off can really be beneficial to their mental health. Other things you can do to make school less stressful are always trying your best to do every assignment; time management is key to having more time to do other things that you enjoy. 

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