What would School Sports look like during a pandemic

Sports, as we know so far, has changed for the current foreseeable future. Here are the general details you need to know about school sports during a pandemic.

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There will not be any sporting events and competitions right now since they’re outlawed in California. Games that are going to occur this year will begin in January. A detailed list of the dates of future games could be found on  Blossom Valley Athletic League – High School Athletics in San Jose and Santa Clara County under schedules.

The sports that are allowed to continue would have to meet these guidelines from the California Interscholastic Federation:

  1. Maintain 6ft of social distancing meaning sports or activities that require close contact wouldn’t be allowed to continue
  2. A stable cohort, or a group of students with the same adults that stay together throughout the day, that limits the risk of transmission. Many of our sports teams are currently preparing within 32 or 16 member cohorts.

For sports that don’t meet these guidelines, only physical conditioning and training are permitted if social distancing could be maintained. Conditioning and training would focus on individual skill building like running drills for example. Indoor physical conditioning and training is allowed due to laws in Santa Clara county allowing gyms and fitness centers to reopen. Face coverings will have to be worn due to laws in Santa Clara county allowing gyms and fitness centers to reopen. 

Equipment would be constantly cleaned and disinfected to reduce the risk of getting the virus. If an activity requires heavy exertion like running, then it would have to take place outdoors with social distancing required and face coverings are optional.

The 3 traditional seasons have been combined into 2 seasons and season 1 officially starts on December 14th and ends in March. Season 2 will begin in March and end in June.

Parents must sign a permission slip to allow their kids to participate in the cohort practices. They’re also required to provide temperature checks and also COVID symptom checks for their children. 

Starting from the last week of October, staff members are responsible for weekly COVID testing to ensure the safety of student athletes, coaches, and student athletes’ families. 

Keep in mind that all of this information( the guidelines, the game dates, and etc.) are subject to change due to the pandemic.

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