Thomas Huang: The Musical “Jack-of-All-Trades”

Thomas Huang, a junior at Silver Creek High School, may be the very next Charlie Puth. 

Thomas Huang pictured on a trip to Tokyo, Japan.

With skills in piano, guitar, ukulele, production, and singing, Thomas is a jack-of-all-trades who exhibits his talents in many forms. Music has always been a constant in his life. From a young age, Thomas took piano lessons. He then took it upon himself to learn ukulele and teach himself guitar, which is now his main instrument.

Despite having grown up with music, Thomas did not realize his love for it until later on in life. “I think when I was in 8th grade I realized that I really enjoyed singing and playing music,” Thomas said. He enjoys creating indie, RnB, and folk music especially. 

His passion for music stems from the emotions songs can elicit from a listener. “Music as a medium is really cool because it can make those listening to it feel a multitude of different ways,” Thomas said. 

When working on his own musical projects, Thomas finds inspiration in many places. Singers who strike a chord with him include Clairo and Charlie Burg who are both relatively independent in their production. However, creating a song is “harder…than people think, not only when it comes to making a melody and chords.” Thomas notices the small things including lyrics, consonant sounds, vowel sounds and, word choice. He continues, “Even if you don’t notice it, many popular songs use certain words and avoid others in order to maintain that pleasurable sound.” During this quarantine, Thomas recommends listening to Lizzie McAlpine, Niki, and Joji to quench a musical thirst.

In the future, Thomas dreams of delving into a career in music. He explains that although it may be challenging, he would still love to attend the Berklee College of Music after high school.

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