Humans of Silver Creek: Mr. Hubbs

Mr. Hubbs in New Zealand.

Silver Creek Alumni Jonathan Hubbs never saw himself as a teacher. Growing up with both parents as educators, it was hard to imagine teaching in a classroom. “I remember being in a high school classroom thinking could ‘I ever be a teacher?’ and I said, no, there’s no way.” 

So for a while, he didn’t. Right after high school he started college not really knowing what he wanted to do. At first he  wanted to join the Peace Corps and see where that went. As he was in the process of applying for the Peace Corps after college, he went for a run and things took a turn. “I went for a run by Evergreen Valley college, and I saw this huge group of kids with my former track coach who then worked at Evergreen High School… I asked if he needed help coaching and he said yes, and that’s really the story of me coming into the high school system.” 

Mr. Hubbs with rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia.

Mr. Hubbs never saw himself settling in the area. He thought he was going to move away and once he found his footing in teaching, he wanted a little change in scenery. “I was coaching and teaching at Evergreen for 8 years, and around 2013 I moved overseas–I just wanted an adventure,” he said. In this journey he taught at a number of international/American schools around the world. He started in South Korea, Shanghai and Jakarta; and taught economics and AP US History; and coached track and field. 

He recently found his way back to the Bay Area for a number of reasons–one being “A big part of me misses the students here, I do like my students everywhere I teach. I think working in a public school there’s this energy and traditions, that I miss a lot, so I’m excited to be back here.” 

As for right now, he’s currently the activities director as well as an Avid 4 advisor. There was little he could give away about the activities plans for this year, especially with the circumstances that we’re in with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the goal is to create ways to connect the student body through distance learning. He expressed that it’s their top priority and that leadership has been putting their heads together to find creative ways to do so.

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