Minecraft is a timeless classic

Minecraft, a game packed to the brim with childhood memories, has made a place in many of our hearts. A game that we all looked forward when coming home from school or on the weekends. But why is Minecraft nostalgic to many people? How come people still play the game? Will the game stand the test of time? Join me as we answer all these question and take an indepth look into Minecraft.

imagine courtesy of Minecraft.net

Before getting into the main topic, here are some things you need to know about Minecraft: the game is an open-world sandbox type of game, was released in 2009, and that the creatures in the game are called mobs.

In order to understand why Minecraft is considered very nostalgic to many and why people still play the game, we need to understand how Minecraft became very successful. There are primarily 2 reasons why Minecraft became super successful: Gameplay and Expousure.

The gameplay comes down to two game modes: survival mode and creative mode. In survival mode, the player has to gather resources to survive and build structures with, fight mobs, eat, and explore the world in an effort to thrive and survive.  In creative mode, the player has infinite resources at their fingertips and the ability to fly enabling the player to easily create and destroy structures. There is also really no set end goal for a person to accomplish in Minecraft as in other games. Instead, the player generates the goal for him/her to complete.

With that out of the way, the gameplay fulfils two of our desires: the desire to explore the unknown and to have total control over our own life.

It fulfils our desire to explore the unknown because of the game’s open world and world generator. The player can freely roam the massive ingame world of Minecraft, as opposed to other games whose levels were mainly linear. The world generator has the ability to generate massive game worlds filled with randomly generated biomes, structures, dungeons, and caves. This massive open world compels players to keep playing the game in order to explore the unknown.

It fulfills our desire to have total control over one’s life because in the game, the player is the person that makes the tasks for the player to complete. This is due to the game really having no set end goal and story as in other games. This gives the player freedom as the player does not have to confide to limitations. He/she could play the game whichever way suits him/her.

The sense of freedom and the ability to explore the unknown are the main reason(s) why people remember the game fondly.

This exposure came in primilarly one from: youtube. Yes, youtubers actually helped promote Minecraft. How you might ask? By simply uploading the gameplay. Youtubers like stamplylonghead basically presented us with the gameplay of Minecraft. Impressed by the gameplay, we rushed to put Minecraft on our birthday or chrismas wishlist.

video courtesy of Youtube.com

Only one question remains: Will the game stand the test of time? In my eyes, It will. The gameplay is very unique and is still solid after 11 years. This game will stand the test of time and possibly remain one of the most popular video games of all time.

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