The Test of Treat or Treat

Pumpkin parades keep the Halloween spirit going | locallove

This year, Halloween is going to be a true scare. Many—including me—wish not to have one of the most enjoyable holidays to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I assure you, it has not been cancelled yet, however it is still a risk to celebrate the spooky season with just social distancing precautions.

Officials have urged the continuation of mask wearing to reduce the numbers of COVID, and a good thing about Halloween costumes is that some already come with a mask. Remember though, if the mask has a hole for breathing, that needs to be covered since it will not keep anything harmful in or out. For the costumes without, this is where your creativity needs to take over. There are masks out there that already have designs on them that might go perfectly well with the outfit. An alternative could be buying a plain mask and painting on your own design.

Since the majority of trick-or-treating happens outside, it is a lot safer. So if you had any plans of having a party, it is advised to have it in the yard where it is not confined. Adding on, people who are passing out candy should stay outside to hand out treats. Avoid having Halloween-goers walking up to your door and especially refrain them from using the doorbell. The easiest solution: just stay outside and use gloves or cooking tongs to give out sweets.

For kids, it is suggested that the parents are the ones that collect the candy. But that’s no fun. There is also the option of having the kids line up their bags and having them back up before you drop the goods in.

One of the biggest attractions of Halloween for teens and adults are the haunted houses. The creepy, eerie houses of fun are no longer recommended due to its constricted and closed environments

Although this holiday will look and feel very different from previous years, we still have the opportunity to celebrate it. Sure, it probably won’t be as great, but it’s all up to us whether this year’s Halloween will be a unique one, or a literal nightmare.

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